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Christmas Street Activation Activities a Huge Success

Christmas in Kalgoorlie once again saw council funded enlivenment activities throughout the city centre!

Thanks to the hard work from the team at E13 programming about 1000 hours of entertainment, street-goers were treated to puppet shows, live music, street instruments, kids activities and much more.

Super Sarah was proud to once again be involved both facepainting and incorporating sensory activities into the street activities.

We created a "sensory hideout" targeted at sensory avoiders to go with our sensory tea party which ran on the 1st of December in co-operation with the Museum of the Goldfields "Sensory Santa" activities. This turned out to be well received by many attendees and we're currently looking at options to turn this into a larger-scale permanent fixture that can be hired out for events and parties.

Our second sensory-based activity was BUBBLES and ran on the 8th of December and was well received by the public.

Bubbles are a fantastic sensory tool and we had a variety of different bubble-based stations to delight street-goers.

The giant bubble wands proved a great hit with the older kids and especially the parents who were determined to create the "perfect" bubble while the younger kids delighted in the smaller bubble wands and the automatic bubble machines.

There was even a "build your own" bubble wand which saw many kids flexing their problem-solving muscles and designing a bubble wand to create perfectly sized bubbles.

We'll be adding this service to our lineup both for events and parties. Stay tuned for the addition to our online services.

Bubbles are a great sensory tool for all ages

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