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Crafty Tots - fun for 0-4 year olds

March saw the implementation of Super Sarah's Crafty Tots program. With a focus on sensory- based craft activities, the initial response was quite positive with a full house on St Patricks Day when we had special guest Tanya Kemp from Goldfields Revitalise - provider of the Infantastic baby massage courses .

The kids had loads of fun with a range of sensory bins for them to get into and have a play. Tanya also provided a brief introduction to Infant massage and the parents had a go on their own children (those who sat still anyway!)

For those wishing to know more about Infantastic and the great workshops they provide you can read more via this link or contact them on 08 9021 8784.

Other classes have also been a great hit with ice painting, cloud dough and oobleck slime all providing a wonderful sensory experience for our little ones!

Given the positive response, Crafty Tots will be continuing during April and "Crafty Kids" will be running through the school holidays.

Make sure you BOOK as places are limited, head over to our bookings section and click on "Group Services".

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